Version 2.1.1
Tri-Desk-A-Top is a FREE virtual desktop manager developed with Microsoft C#.NET.
This nifty little application provides three virtual desktops that can be activated via system tray icons or pre-defined hot keys.
Other convenient features include:
  • Move windows to and from desktops.
  • Ability to minimize, maximize, restore, bring-to-front, close and kill windows.
  • Tiny, non-invasive utility uses about 3MB of system memory.
When started, Tri-Desk-A-Top will display three small numbered icons ( 1 thru 3 ) in the system tray of your Window's task bar. The blue numbered icon indicates the active desktop, while the gray icons indicate the inactive desktops. When a new desktop is activated, all windows on the current desktop become hidden, but remain open and unchanged. Any new window opened will be associated with the currently active desktop.
To activate a new desktop, click one of the numbered icons in the system tray. You can cycle through the desktops by pressing the CONTROL (Ctrl) and WINDOWS (next to Ctrl) keys simultaneously, while pressing the PLUS (+) or MINUS (-) key on the Number Pad. The PLUS (+) key will cycle forward one desktop, while the MINUS (-) key will cycle backward one desktop.
To move an existing window from one desktop to another, right-click on the desktop icon (the numbered icon in the system tray) in which the window resides. A context menu containing all of the active windows on the desktop will be displayed. Rolling over a window title will display a tooltip containing additional data to identify the window. For example, if multiple Windows Explorer windows are currently open, rolling over Windows Explorer will display the current path of the directory for that window. Once you select a window, you will be provided multiple options including moving the window to another desktop.
When selecting a window on the currently active desktop, additional options including, "Minimize", "Maximize", "Restore", "Bring To Front", "Close", and "Kill" will be availble.
To move a window to another desktop via Hot Keys, simply activate the desired window by clicking on it or bringing it to the foreground. While holding the CONTROL (Ctrl) and WINDOWS (next to Ctrl) keys down, press the ONE (1), TWO (2), or THREE (3) key down on the Number Pad. The window will be moved to the desktop matching the numbered key that was pressed.
Windows operating system with the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, or later, installed.
Version Revisions
2.1.1: Added new version update check procedure.
2.1.0: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Server 2008 compatible.
2.0.0: SOLID RELEASE... optimized desktop switching and new desktop context menus.