Version 8.6.2
WeatherDan is a FREE C#.NET virtual "weatherman" that runs in your system tray... but unlike the guy on your local news, this weatherman is always right!
Key features include:
  • Retrieves local weather for any configured ZIP code.
  • Auto-retrieves updated weather at a configured interval.
  • Simple settings menu enables ZIP code changing without restarting application.
  • Animate up to 10 cached radar images (3 hours worth).
  • Single-click shortcut launches to local weather for specified ZIP code.
  • No annoying popups or splash screens.
  • Uses only a few megabytes of system memory when not in use.
Windows operating system with the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, or later, installed.
Version Revisions
8.6.2: Updated to correctly obtain data from source.
8.6.1: Updated to correctly obtain data from source.
8.6.0: STABLE... new settings file handling and radar range capability.
8.5.4: Fixed a possible timing/race condition.
8.5.3: Update to accommodate source changes.
8.5.2: Added RadarHelper executable to bypass a known Windows issue.
8.5.1: Fixed CRITICAL memory leak.
8.5.0: New radar map.
8.1.x: Updated weather retrieval process.
8.0.0: Added new settings menu and version update check procedure.
7.5.1: Updated radar imagery.
7.5.0: SOLID RELEASE... new data retrieval procedure.